About Us

"Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically yours." - Bruce Lee

est 2012

Our Story

We had a dream. We knew there was a better way to run a business. Through passion and compassion, energy and empathy, caring about our employees, customers, and community in equal measure. Our true north lies in our Core Values; "Change the Box," "Live with Passion," and "Focus on Community." Read more about our Core Values below. Passionate about evolving technologies and creating solutions that help make workflows easier to manage, we launched BrainGu.

Our objective is to help our customers journey from automation to innovation. Automation lessens the workload on the human operators and end-users. Innovation revolutionizes how they achieve their goals. Read more about our views on automation and innovation.

Generally speaking, technology work is done by groups of individual "artisans" with each working their tools against a single scoped goal. We re-focus scaling efforts on innovation rather than labor. We perform as highly functioning teams rather than groups of individuals. The outputs of a well-tuned team outweigh the sum of individual contributions.

Teams need better tooling and processes to get repeatability and scale to their solutions. At BrainGu, we create capabilities that help them succeed. Not everything we create is revolutionary, but everything we make allows someone to "Do it Better" regardless of the specific problem domain. Incremental improvements implemented at the speed of relevancy enable us to evolve the solutions we develop to our customer's changing needs in real-time.

Our Mission

The problems facing technology in every industry today are growing in scale at an exponential rate. Whether we look at the frequency and impact of cyberattacks, processing the inordinate amounts of data that has become available in recent years, or creating new capabilities while maintaining an ever-expanding legacy footprint — it is clear that we have to become much more efficient if we hope to keep up; even more so if we wish to take advantage of the opportunities this growth brings.

BrainGu is an innovation lab with an overarching mission to "dream of, incubate, and scale technology solutions built around capabilities that advance our customers' mission." As a company, we combine critical analysis, creativity, and technology to transform and scale existing workflows by an order of magnitude. Our team consists of passionate and creative problem solvers. We bring a range of experience and perspectives to bear on complex challenges. By applying a multidisciplinary approach to innovation, we overcome inherent biases that might otherwise overlook potential solutions.

To accomplish such a transformation, we develop and deploy capabilities that improve the outcomes of technology practitioners. Through automating the most time-consuming and error-prone aspects of their workflows, our customers realize the kinds of change that finish tasks in days instead of weeks, at a volume of thousands instead of hundreds.

Core Values

Change the Box Icon

Change the Box

Make a positive impact. Traditionally, the saying is "think outside the box." All too often, when approaching the "impossible," it is assumed that a current or previously tried approach is entirely useless. We believe that all progress against a difficult outcome is valuable, so we seek to evaluate the situation, maximize its strengths, and minimize its weaknesses. If it can be avoided, we don't want to abandon the box; we want to change it for the better – leveraging its strengths to give us a head start on solving the problem.

Live with Passion Icon

Live with Passion

Be your whole self. Passionate people care about what they do and face challenges head-on. Their work stands for something that can be measured both intrinsically and extrinsically. When considering work as separate from life, we miss the chance to be an integrated, complete, whole person. We strive to create an environment that enables self-actualization as an expression of creativity and talent.

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Focus on Community

Grow the collective. Both internally and externally, we explore beyond the boundaries of conventional business practice to benefit the world in which we live. Capitalism is a tool, not a weapon, and we use our resources to create opportunities within our sphere of influence. We widen the sphere, adding new minds and growing those already in to bring diversity to the collaboration of ideas and innovation.

Community Partnership

Girls Who Code is on a mission to close the gender gap in technology and to change the image of what a programmer looks like and does. Girls Who Code equips girls with the skills they need to pursue careers in technology and the confidence they need to break barriers and thrive in a male-dominated industry.

BrainGu proudly partners with Girls Who Code because we believe they are best equipped to achieve their mission given the right resources and industry leaders' support. Fewer than 1 in 5 computer science graduates are women, and that gender gap has grown wider in our lifetime. The status quo must change.

BrainGu is a corporate partner of Girls Who Code. In addition to a financial contribution, we are very excited to create a hiring pipeline for Girls Who Code alumni both through our internship program and full-time positions. We are also continually looking for ways to support Girls Who Code in achieving their mission to close the gender gap in tech.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

We value the unique backgrounds of our talented and multidisciplinary team. The diverse experiences and backgrounds they bring to our projects give BrainGu a true advantage. We can Change the Box and tackle our customers' most complex problems with innovative solutions because our teams' personal and professional experiences are varied and vast.

We know that formal education or degree is a privilege not available to everyone, and the best possible candidates may not always meet those criteria. That is why we judge potential hires in various ways, including their existing portfolio, technical interviews, and administered coding tests. We also work with an expanded recruiting pool to include coding camps, math/physics programs, veterans, non-profit organizations, and more.

We believe tech is only 1/3 of the job. The other 2/3 of that is being a human that is respectful of and has an appreciation for your team and customer. People with lived experiences that strengthen our technical delivery are extremely valuable to what we do. That's why our review system covers Execution, Citizenship, and Diplomacy in equal measures.