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BrainGu puts an immense emphasis on the quality of our internship program. For the second year of our official Summer Internship Program, our focus has been on providing a stimulating and rewarding internship experience. As the organization grows and matures, so does our collective ability to provide an impactful internship experience. I’m confident that we have succeeded in making the 2021 internship program richer and more organized than last year.

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In the early days of BrainGu, we were working on our first government contract, and in the process of developing and establishing our remote team communications protocols. We discovered a gap in our methods. We didn’t have a non-intrusive way to acknowledge a message. If someone were to reply to a comment with “Got it,” or “Roger,” or any variation a notification would be sent out to everyone associated with that message, which was quite unnecessary.

Change The Box

At its core, our philosophy of “Changing the Box” is about making a positive impact. Traditionally, the saying is "think outside the box." All too often, when approaching the "impossible," it is assumed that a current or previously tried approach is entirely useless. We believe that all progress against a difficult outcome is valuable, so we seek to evaluate the situation, maximize its strengths, and minimize its weaknesses. If it can be avoided, we don't want to abandon the box; we want to change it for the better – leveraging its strengths to give us a head start on solving the problem.