What Does Changing the Box Mean?

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At its core, our philosophy of “Changing the Box” is about making a positive impact. Traditionally, the saying is "think outside the box." All too often, when approaching the "impossible," it is assumed that a current or previously tried approach is entirely useless. We believe that all progress against a difficult outcome is valuable, so we seek to evaluate the situation, maximize its strengths, and minimize its weaknesses. If it can be avoided, we don't want to abandon the box; we want to change it for the better – leveraging its strengths to give us a head start on solving the problem.

Cardboard Boxes

So how do we Change the Box?

Measure > Model > Modify

First, we Measure the situation by evaluating existing assets against the challenge at hand. Second, we Model a plan to apply those assets in a way that will most quickly begin to make a difference. Then, we Modify the situation by running the plan and getting that change into real users' hands. Once we have real-world usage, we go back to the Measure step to see how effectively we hit the mark, Model our next step in solving the problem, and Modify again until the problem is solved.

Our end goal is to support our customers by guiding them from automation to innovation.

While most view automation as an all-or-nothing proposition, we develop incremental improvements that provide an immediate impact. An apt analogy is cruise control; the technology helps drivers, but it doesn't remove the human element. It amplifies the human's capability and lessens the load. Beyond automating to solve a specific problem, BrainGu strives for true innovation by solving an entire class of problems. Think of a cherry pitter as automation and seedless fruit as innovation.

Who Is BrainGu?

BrainGu is a cutting-edge software innovation lab that dreams of, incubates, and scales technology that is dedicated to advancing our customers' mission. For us, developing software is job number one. We combine critical analysis, creativity, and technology to solve problems. Our goal is to develop mission-critical solutions built on the latest DevSecOps & Cloud Native innovations.

The solutions we build and deploy improve outcomes for the operators and end-users by automating the most time-consuming and error-prone aspects of their workflows. Our customers realize the kinds of change that finish tasks in days, not weeks, at a volume of thousands, not hundreds.

We focus on clean and well-documented interfaces for both humans and machines. Our data-centric approach to optimizing artificial intelligence and machine learning through well-defined schemas allows efficient reuse of components across highly scalable technology stacks.

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