BrainGu Delivers Remarks Regarding the Importance of DevSecOps to NATO Audience

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Mitch Rubinstein, Director of Mission Systems Group giving his talk on the importance of devsecops to a nato audience
Mitch Rubinstein, Marine Veteran and BrainGu Director, brings cyberwarfare and DevSecOps expertise to the NATO audience at TechNet International.

Brussels, Belgium — BrainGu delivered remarks on the importance of DevSecOps in the emerging security environment at AFCEA’s annual TechNet International Expo & Forum. As a technology company and innovation lab successfully bringing bleeding-edge tech to the U.S. Government and Department of Defense, BrainGu was competitively selected to present.

The TechNet International audience included senior members from NATO Headquarters, NATO’s Emerging Security Challenges Division, Defence Investment Division, and Communications and Information Agency, the Allied Command Operations (ACO), the European Union (EU) Directorate-General for Defence Industry and Space, the EU Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, the European Defence Agency, and the U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

In his remarks, Mitch Rubinstein, BrainGu’s Director of Mission Systems Group, contextualized cyberwarfare with patterns of conflict throughout history, described the DevSecOps approach to security, and provided examples illustrating DevSecOps as a critical factor in the time-competitive cybersecurity environment of today. Notably for this audience, Mitch demystified how NATO can utilize the U.S. DoD DevSecOps Reference Design to easily and quickly adopt DevSecOps for platform environments and mission applications. You can watch Mitch’s entire talk, along with the presentations of all the distinguished AFCEA speakers here. Mitch’s speech begins at the 45:27 mark.

DevSecOps is not just a continuous integration / continuous deployment pipeline, nor is it just software as a service. DevSecOps brings the “Silicon Valley” approach to mission critical problems. It is the disposition of cyber talent and tooling to enable secure cloud-native application development at the speed of relevance. Cybersecurity is baked in and enforced from the first line of code. The U.S. DoD DevSecOps Reference Design is now open source. Automated tools allow NATO organizations to quickly deploy their own DevSecOps platforms and develop secure cloud-native applications in days, not years.

BrainGu presented its Mission App as a Service solution offering as an example of rapid deployment and scalability to mission application development. Successful case studies include our WIDOW and MAIZE apps.

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BrainGu develops custom DevSecOps software that enables mission success and boasts exceptional user and developer experience by working directly with end-users to solve their real-life problems and continuously improve capabilities. By automating pinch points, BrainGu innovates new ways to solve mission problems.

Our vision is to solve complex national security challenges for the United States and its allies by incubating and scaling technology solutions that emphasize fielded, meaningful military capability in the hands of operators and mission owners.

BrainGu is setting the standard for rapid deployment and scalability of mission applications. As part of our Mission App as a Service solution offering, BrainGu offers subscription and packaged app timeline products that are aligned to BrainGu’s overall mission to provide the best, cutting-edge technology to the warfighter at the tactical edge.

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