The Alliance for Commercial Technology in Government

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The Alliance for Commercial Technology in Government represents startups and the commercial tech sector, advocating for policies that can improve our government services and maintain our competitive advantage by bringing more tech into government programs.

The Alliance is a non-profit that advocates on behalf of our nation's innovative technology startups looking to work with the U.S. government. They do this by aligning the voice of their members and advocating for change in federal policy that will make the government market more accessible to the startup and commercial tech ecosystem.

The Alliance's founding members include former government leaders, startup executives, and venture capitalists passionate about brining best of breed technology to government. The Alliance Team.

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American innovation is driven by an incredible ecosystem for startups and commercial technology companies, but too often the U.S. government is left behind because of the complexities and barriers of federal procurement.

They are focused on reducing barriers to entry and increasing opportunities for innovative private sector tech to work with the U.S. government. The Alliance's Policy Priorities.


The Alliance's members are commercial technology companies looking to do business with the U.S. government. Membership dues support their advocacy efforts and member services and benefits, including exclusive policy insights and access to briefings and events. Apply for Membership.

Read the full Press Release here.

Who Is BrainGu?

BrainGu is a cutting-edge software innovation lab that dreams of, incubates, and scales technology that is dedicated to advancing our customers' mission. For us, developing software is job number one. We combine critical analysis, creativity, and technology to solve problems. Our goal is to develop mission-critical solutions built on the latest DevSecOps & Cloud Native innovations.

The solutions we build and deploy improve outcomes for the operators and end-users by automating the most time-consuming and error-prone aspects of their workflows. Our customers realize the kinds of change that finish tasks in days, not weeks, at a volume of thousands, not hundreds.

We focus on clean and well-documented interfaces for both humans and machines. Our data-centric approach to optimizing artificial intelligence and machine learning through well-defined schemas allows efficient reuse of components across highly scalable technology stacks.

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