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Mission Apps-as-a-Service

Rapid application development at the speed of relevance.

Mission Apps-as-a-Service puts operators side by side with world-class BrainGu software engineering teams. This ensures modern and secure development at the fastest optempo possible and aligned directly to your missions needs.



  • Mission details such as CSAR, Timeline, Codewords, and COMM Plan are exported into a standard Coordination Card Format
  • Dynamic tanker plan allows for primary and fall out plans to be directly inserted
  • Assets from CYBER, SPACE, and more are involved in the process and coordination
  • WIDOW is designed against the AFTTP 3-3.IPE standard for mission planning with each unit working in unison
  • Learn more about WIDOW
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American Cancer Society

  • Led the migration from Oracle Siebel to Salesforce
  • Developed volunteer management functionality to connect over 1M volunteers on scheduling, events, and training
  • Created donation processing system to handle 40K donations per day with integrations into 16 external systems
  • Integrated support systems to handle public chat, phone calls, and donation management
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  • Developed custom asset management system for administratiors to manage European supply within retail stores
  • Built mobile application that handled driver route, inventory, and training
  • Reported driver schedule by utilizing GPS to administrative dashboard
  • Custom designed dashboards, photo library, and comment section for administrators to review assets
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  • Amplifies WIDOW
  • Plots enemy capabilites and adjusts flight patterns to avoid danger areas
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  • Prototype dashboard and toolkit that utilizes ML and human intelligence to track and target threat naratives
  • Employs news and social media data to detect disinformation campaigns as they emerge
  • Machine Learning detetcs patterns in trends within the disinformation campaigns to provide tactical details and strategic insight
  • Reduces response timeline for operators from MONTHS to DAYS
  • Detects change in the information environment as a direct result of the response implementation
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  • Created centralized marketing asset platform to allow the marketing team to review photos, videos, audio files, and PDFs
  • Developed custom solution for video and audio files to allow comments on specific time locations
  • Developed version control for images and PDF documents that provided interactive outline capability for sharing comments on specific parts of images
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  • Consolidates personal health data from several types of health monitoring devices and appications into a single dashboard
  • Consolidates personal health data to summarize overall troop readiness for commanders
  • Provides insight into personal health data for troops in a consolidated dashboard
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American Express

  • Created data analytics platform for reviewing customer loyalty for promotions
  • Developed administrator dashboards for highlighting areas of concern
  • Developed mobile app for regional managers to handle promotions for customers